ensisengineering simulation system


ENSIS offers simulation of any process by mean of specific software or analysis codes developed independently other than finite elements software.


Any physical process can be described by a defined number of mathematical laws in order to reproduce the progress of the process thanks to the speed of calculation of modern computers. As a result the quantitative and qualitative values of relevant parameters can be calculated.

Possible applications of numerical simulations are:

  • Implementation of mathematical models for the simulation of dynamic systems
  • Dynamical models of power plants for the optimization of control systems
  • Syntesis of models utilizing experimental databases to diagnose and prevent failures in real time by means of Parametric and Neuro-Fuzzy models that can be used for further statistical analysis of the failures
  • Numerical simulation of aging in insulating panels
The computer codes can then be developed by means of GUI (Graphical User Interface) to be user friendly.


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